Some say that the ancient Mayan civilization believed the world would end in 2012. Other people say the Mayans did not believe this. We are on the brink of discovering who is right. In the meantime, we can make art in celebration of this auspicious event.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Received from Jaromir Svozilik, Norway

"End of the World"
Pencil on card stock, 5.5x8".

Received from Simon Warren, UK

Ink on card stock, 8.5x11".

Received from Helen Amyes, Australia

Acrylic paint on cardboard, 5x7"

Received from David Afsah-Mohallatee, USA

Top: "Fish Stick"
Size: 4x5"
Technique: Stamping, lithography, digital printing,
stickers, and Chine colle
Middle: "Stick Tank"
Size: 5x7"
Technique: Stamping, lithography, digital printing,
stickers, and Chine colle
Bottom: "Bomb Pop"
Size: 4x5"
Technique: Stamping, digital printing, stickers,
and Chine colle

Friday, March 16, 2012

Received from Guido Vermeulen, Belgium

"Patience dear, the end is near."
Paint on mailing envelope, 6x9".

Received from PJ Matilda, USA

Ink on paper, 5x7".

Received from Human Artist Vending Machine, USA

"Topsy" (Killed by Thomas Edison, Jan 4, 1903)

Watercolors on paper, 4x6".

Received from Larry Angelo, USA

Ink on paper, 8.5x11" and #10 envelope.

Received from Bruno Gheerbrant, Belgium

Colored markers on card stock, 4x6" 

Participation to the 12-12-12 Mail Art Project. The Snail Mail Postcard is used as sheet music for RVB MusicLab, creating a unique and delightfull piece of Generative Music.

CD and CD cover of the Project music.

Received from Serena Rossi, Italy

Nails and glitter on paper, 5x7".

"Urban Slowness"
Collage (postcard), 5x7".

Friday, March 2, 2012

Received from AEon, Ireland

The Lonely

Lone and forgotten
Through a long sleeping,
In the heart of age
A child woke weeping.

No invisible mother
Was nigh him there
Laughing and nodding
From earth and air.

No elfin comrades
Came at his call
And the earth and the air
Were blank as a wall.

The darkness thickened
Upon him creeping,
In the heart of age
A child lay weeping.

- Selected Poems. 1935.

Received from AEon, Ireland

The Cities

They shall sink underwater,
They shall rise up again:
They shall be peopled
By millions of men.

Cleansed of their scarlet,
Absolved of their sin,
They shall be like crystal
All stainless within.

Paris and Babel,
London and Tyre,
Reborn from the darkness,
Shall sparkle like fire.

From the folk who throng in
Their gardens and towers
Shall be blown fragrance
Sweeter than flowers.

Faery shall dance in
The streets of the town,
And from sky highlands
The gods looking down.

- Selected Poems. 1935.

Received from Judith Skolnick, USA

"Scattered to the Universe"
Collage on card stock. 4x6".